Fall Into Spring Program


Fall Into Spring

September – May
Grades 6 – 12
Application Deadline: September 1
(Late application due September 15)
Tuition: $900

Program Offerings

Fall Into Spring runs October through May. During this time, students will receive a minimum of:

  • 8 coaching sessions with faculty from the Atlanta Symphony and Atlanta Opera
  • 2 master classes with nationally recognized distinguished artists
  • 2 live performance opportunities in a formal and informal setting

Additional coachings, master classes, and performance opportunities are available for groups exhibiting consistent rehearsal practices and marked improvement.


Fall Into Spring is open to students in grades 6-12. Although the program focuses primarily on string players and pianists and the broad repertoire that is available for those instruments, non-string players are welcome and encouraged to apply. Franklin Pond will do everything possible to place all accepted students into a group with matched ability and temperament. Pre-formed groups, both string and non-string, are encouraged to apply.


Scheduling for rehearsals and coachings is flexible and intended to fit around other student and family activities. Each group will make its own arrangements for the date/time/place of coachings and rehearsals, with Fall Into Spring Manager Lachlan McBane helping facilitate scheduling. A minimum of 3 hours of group rehearsal is required between each coaching session, and students must also practice their own parts individually.


Every group will receive at least 8 coachings from the Franklin Pond faculty, who are members of the Atlanta Symphony or The Atlanta Opera. Groups will work with at least 2 different coaches throughout the year so they can benefit from multiple musical perspectives.


Each group will have multiple opportunities to play for the distinguished masterclass artists, unless a group is ill-prepared and under-performing. All students are required to attend every masterclass unless a family conflict cannot be changed. Best efforts will be made by Franklin Pond to schedule the masterclasses when students are most readily available.


The FIS Final Concert is held the first week in May (exact date and time TBD). Other performance opportunities in the community are scheduled according to the availability and preparedness of each group.