Mission, Vision, Diversity, & Inclusion


Franklin Pond Chamber Music educates young musicians to perform, communicate, and lead through the art of chamber music. As a promoter of classical music, Franklin Pond engages the broader community in our high quality performances, workshops, master classes and special programs designed to engage music lovers of all ages.


Franklin Pond Chamber Music enriches the personal, cultural, and social lives of all people, especially young musicians, through chamber music.

Diversity and Inclusion

Franklin Pond Chamber Music is committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment within our institution and throughout our community. We endeavor to provide fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all students, faculty, and staff and will not tolerate actions that oppose this principle. As an institution that educates and develops student artists who are the future of music, we understand the systemic factors that have historically contributed to inequities in our field and, together with our community partners, will continue to establish and engage in opportunities for broader dialogues and experiences that embody our commitment to a more diverse and inclusive future.