Franklin Pond has over 500 alumni living and working all over the world. Many of our alumni—or Ponders, as many so fondly call themselves-- have become professional musicians, playing in symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles around the world, freelancing, and teaching. If you go to an Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concert, chances are there is at least one Franklin Pond alumn on stage! On the administrative or ancillary side of the performing arts you will find Ponders working in fields such as orchestra management, recording engineering, marketing, music therapy, composition, and luthier shops. Many alumni chose teaching as their profession (we hope the Franklin Pond faculty helped inspire them to their calling!), and of those, several are teaching and freelancing right here in the metro Atlanta area. If you are searching for a private teacher, be sure and ask them if they went to Franklin Pond. That way, you know you’re getting the best!

Of course, not all of our alumni choose music as a profession. Anthropology, medicine, engineering, computer animation, law, nuclear security, and even modeling—our talented, driven alumni can achieve anything they set their mind to. We are proud to have several service members in our alumni ranks as well, including a U.S. Navy Aviator, a U.S. Navy Dentist, and Georgia State Patrolman. Our alumni have confined themselves to the contiguous 48 either. Vienna, London, New York, Chicago, Seoul, Washington D.C., Paris, Houston, Stockholm--these are just a handful of the cities in which Ponders have settled.

We talk about Franklin Pond being a family, and we mean it. Our alumni are very important to us, whether they graduated last year or twenty years ago. We try our very best to keep up with all that our alumni are doing, where they are going, and who they are becoming. If you are an alumni who has lost contact recently, please click here and share your news with us! Or if you have time, call Ronda at 404-252-3479. She’d be thrilled to hear from you!

Alumni Interviews

Jessica Robinson Stinson
Liam McBane