Kudos from Janet Horvath

Following her visit to Franklin Pond for masterclasses and private lessons, Janet Horvath wrote an endearing article about Franklin Pond.
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Summer Finale Concert

The Summer Finale Concert showcased four of our Franklin Pond groups. They performed works by Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Dvorak, Halvorsen, and Bloch in Kellett Chapel of Peachtree Presbyterian Church on July 28. This performance was the last of several they gave throughout the five-week program, including five masterclasses and four Community (outreach) Concerts. There is much to be learned from performing the same repertoire several times, an experience professionals have all the time and students rarely get. We were very proud of our students this summer.

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From Violin to Viola

Emily Rader was a violinist in Fall Into Spring last school year. That was her first exposure to chamber music and she loved it so much she wanted to enroll for the summer. We needed a violist to fit into one of our groups and asked her if she would be interested in playing viola for this summer. Ron Sachs Violins loaned her a viola; she bought a book and researched online, and 2 weeks later, she was starting Franklin Pond on viola, reading a completely different clef, learning Mozart and Dvorak quartets, and playing beautifully. She grew to really enjoy it and is happy she did it. Many professional violinists also play viola, so it’s a good skill to acquire.
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Summer Retreat & Highlights

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The Community Concerts were a big hit!

The students played 4 Community Concerts on Tuesday, July 23 and Thursday, 25: Nicholas House Camp, Sunrise at Huntcliff, Sandy Springs Library (reopening day), and Canterbury Court. The audiences were very appreciative, and the kids did a great job of introducing themselves and their pieces, and answering questions. Franklin Pond Too (two 6th grade cellists, Mahalia and Stella) performed their Kummer duo beautifully at the Canterbury Court concert to an audience of about 75 people.

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Masterclass with Janet Horvath

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Upcoming Concerts

Summer Program Finale Concert
Sunday, July 28
3:00 PM
Kellett Chapel, Peachtree Presbyterian Church

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Masterclass with Dr. Moises Molina

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Summer Retreat Masterclass with Jun-Ching Lin

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Masterclass with Tom Key

Tom Key came for a masterclass Monday, July 1 and was FABULOUS with the kids. At the end of the afternoon, each student stood up and told the “audience” his/her answers to these questions:

  • 1) What is the hardest part of playing your instrument?
  • 2) What is the best part of playing your instrument?
  • 3) What is the best part of playing your music?
  • 4) What do you want the audience to know about the composer?

Each student was so articulate — smart bunch — and Tom helped them, throughout the whole session, to speak with feeling from the heart. Now, if we can translate that into playing their music, we have it made! That’s our goal and we will, thanks to our wonderful coaching staff and masterclass artists.
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