What steps to I take to upload my video?

  1. Upload your video to YouTube, and mark it as UNLISTED
  2. Copy and paste the YouTube link into the Competition’s video submission form
  3. Send a separate link to your original file (NOT a YouTube link, but a link to a Google drive, Dropbox, etc. file) to competition@franklinpond.org.  This file will be used in post-production for the Finalist Showcase on Saturday and the Awards Show on Sunday.

Can the College Alumni Division include non-college students? Yes, any group entering the College Alumni Division of the Competition can include younger players, as long as a majority are college-age and at least one is a Franklin Pond alumn.

How do I make a video collage? There are many choices for video collage software or apps, and many are free to download. Do some research on the internet to see what would work best for you. The sample video posted by Franklin Pond Chamber Music was made using VideoPad Video Editor software.

Can non-Franklin Pond students enter the Competition? Absolutely!! We highly encourage all students throughout the state of Georgia to enter.

How will the winners be announced? The winners will be announced and their videos shown in a live broadcast on May 24th on the Franklin Pond website.  We will provide more information as the date gets closer.

How will the winners receive their prize money?  Franklin Pond will contact each winner after the competition concludes to discuss the best way to receive their cash prize.

Will there be a live version of this year’s Awards Concert like there has been before?  We don’t yet know what the future holds.  We would love to have a live performance at Spivey Hall as we have done in  previous years and have not ruled out the possibility, but for now we have to operate on the assumption that there will be no live concerts for at least three more months.

Will the videos be judged on the quality of the music or the quality of the video editing?  The quality of each group member’s playing as well as the ability of the group to play together will always be the most important aspect of the Competition and the primary element upon which the judges’ make their decisions. We are making music, first and foremost, and that is the main skill students should demonstrate.  However, the way students present themselves in the video will also play a role in the judging, so students should be aware of what their recordings look like as well as how they sound.

More questions?  Email competition@franklinpond.org for answers.