Competition Video Submission and Media Waiver Form

  • One movement of a single piece (two if movements are attacca), not to exceed a total of 15 minutes in length.
  • Arrangements of music may be allowed in the Middle School division, but only with specific permission from Franklin Pond. There are no arrangements permitted in the High School division.
  • Original compositions are allowed.
  • A digital copy of the score must be provided to Franklin Pond. Please upload only the movement(s) your group is performing.
  • Questions about the repertoire can be directed to Ginny Fairchild at
  • Recording length must be no longer than 15 minutes.
  • The introduction of the video must include either by verbal introduction by one of the musicians or text on the screen:
    • The name of the chamber group.
      • (Do not name your group after a school or community organization (for example: Coffeetown High School Quartet or Coffeetown Youth Orchestra Horn Trio)
    • Name, movement, and composer of the piece being performed.
  • Once the music has begun, the camera must remain still, without any splicing, multiple angles, or cutaways (the pre-performance introduction can be a separate cut)
  • All recordings must be uploaded to YouTube and marked as “Unlisted” (not public or private). “Unlisted” means that only people who know the link to the video can view it. An unlisted video will not appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces.
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Media Waivers

By attending Franklin Pond Chamber Music (FPCM), or any FPCM co-sponsored classes or events, at any location, the attendee agrees that FPCM shall have the unrestricted right and license to use his or her image, likeness, name, voice, comment, or other proprietary or public rights, in any broadcast, telecast, photograph, video, audio sound, audiovisual, and/or other recording taken in connection with the class, event, or other transmission, distribution, public performance, or reproduction, in whole or in part, of the class or event for all purposes, worldwide, in perpetuity, and in any and all media now or hereafter known, without compensation. FPCM is the exclusive owner of all copyrights and other proprietary rights associated with same. The rights granted herein to FPCM are assignable.

I represent and warrant that I am authorized to enter into this Authorization and Release and that I have obtained or do not require the consent of any third party to enter into this Authorization and Release.

If the above individual is not yet 18 years old, the following statement must be signed:

I am the parent/legal guardian of the below-named child/minor and as such am fully authorized to enter into this agreement on his/her behalf. I hereby release and agree to indemnify Franklin Pond from and against any and all liability arising out of the exercise of the rights granted in this Authorization and Release.