2020 Summer Program Auditions – Video Parameters

      • Videos must be submitted by April 15, 2020
      • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube, and a single link sent to fpcm@franklinpond.org on or before the deadline.
      • Your recording should be approximately 6 minutes in length
      • HIGH quality video: Good quality is critical for the judging process
      • One complete take for each part with no editing or cuts
      • Video must show the full person at all times at an angle that clearly and fully demonstrates the position of the violin and bow
      • Picture must remain stationary without panning, fade-in/out, close-up techniques, or use of multiple cameras
      • At the beginning of your video, please state clearly:
        • Your name, age, grade, and school
        • The title and composer of each piece you will be playing (2 solos required)
        • This speaking section will demonstrate your personality so we can better place you with a group, so please represent yourself well.
      • The video should be in this order:
        1. Speaking (see above)
        2. Solo #1 Bach — no more than 2 minutes
        3. Solo #2 Piece of your choice — no more than 2 minutes
        4. 2 Excerpts in any order you wish

    Franklin Pond reserves the right to reject any applicants whose videos are not done according to the above parameters. Please direct any questions to fpcm@franklinpond.org.