July 26 SafeHouse Outreach Concert

“This was one of my favorite concerts” says Artistic Director Ronda Respess. At first, we were disappointed that the bus with our audience of about 60 students didn’t show up. We decided to get started anyway–about twenty minutes late. Strains of Vivaldi’s “Spring” filled the room. Magically, the room began to fill up, not with children (though there were a few), but with homeless adults who came in off the street to sit, rest and listen. About 30 people came in, and they were one of quietest and most supportive audiences we’ve had! Kevin Sun, violin, Cassidy Goldblatt, violin, John Cooper, viola, and Will Ulman, cello did an outstanding job of playing, talking, and “going with the flow”. Our best fan stopped us in the parking lot and said “You know, all that violin music, I usually get really bored — can’t take it for long — but YOU! YOU were wonderful. I could sit and listen to you all day!” Yvonne wrote us a lovely note of thanks and an invitation to return. I hope we can. Thank you to Yvonne Hudson, Resource Development Director, Executive Administrator Dacia Bray, and our wonderful audience at SafeHouse Outreach.