Franklin Pond student featured in Marietta Daily Journal

Franklin Pond student featured in Marietta Daily Journal

Photo Credit: Mark Rainey

Eugenie Lim, the youngest member of the Franklin Pond Orchestra, was recently featured in Marietta Daily Journal. “Inspired by her brother’s talent for the cello, at the age of 6 Lim was not yet aware of the skill she would cultivate as a violinist. Although she practiced piano throughout her childhood, there was something about the string instrument that she preferred.

Since the age of seven, she’s practiced and played in the Franklin Pond chamber as violin prodigy. For the next nine years, Lim worked to master the instrument by setting goals. ‘Establishing a routine that you tell yourself you’ll fulfill every day is really important, along with creating goals you can look forward to and work towards,’ she said.

Her hard work landed her a spot in the Atlanta Youth Symphony, and her discipline led her to win several awards, including the American Protégé Competition in 2017 at only 11 years old.”

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