December Events

December Events

We enjoyed a very festive holiday season at the Pond!

Faculty Quartet Heralds in the Holidays

The Franklin Pond Quartet, faculty members Jun-Ching Lin, Carolyn Hancock, Paul Murphy, and Danny Laufer, played for the homeless at Crossroads Community Ministries in December. They received a wonderful note from them saying, “By giving of your time to come and play for them, you bring joy, peace, and a sense of dignity into their otherwise chaotic and challenging day.” The Quartet has enjoyed playing there for several years.

A few days later, they gave a concert at St. Anne’s Terrace Senior Living to an enthusiastic audience. Next, they went to North Atlanta High School to coach their string orchestra sections.

Our Almost-20-years-of-Alumni party

On December 26, Ponders from different generations came together at the annual alumni party. Some are professionals, some are in college, and some are currently in Franklin Pond. They had a good time dividing into groups and sight reading chamber music, listening and cheering each other, and swapping stories and advice. Some of the best conversations happen at the end of the evening when everyone is tired out.