Summer Intensive Program mixes live and virtual at The Pond

Music of Barrière, Beethoven, Haydn, and Mendelssohn is wafting across the Pond. The Summer Intensive program has been going very well, both live and virtually. All the students and faculty have adhered to our Covid rules faithfully and still been able to play and learn together. We’ve had fabulous opportunities to connect with artists from all over the country, starting out with good information about Alexander Technique with David Nesmith and Body Mapping with William Johnston. Then Nick Curry, cellist from Univ. of N. Florida, Annie Fullard, violinist of the Cavani Quartet, and Timothy Eddy, cellist of the Orion Quartet worked virtually with each of the groups. The kids also had an open and honest talk with “ThatViolaKid” YouTube star Drew Forde, who is a Franklin Pond alumnus. Three live outdoor concerts and a YouTube final performance are planned to round out a most wonderful and rewarding summer.