Berry Retreat

20150708_204451The retreat at Berry was a week of hard work, new friendships, and hard work – oh, did it say that? – and fun.  There were, of course, the group coachings by our ASO faculty, Jun-Ching Lin, Carolyn Hancock, Lachlan McBane, Bill Johnston, and Brad Ritchie, along with individual practice time.  Added to these activities were an ear training class (more were scheduled but the teacher was sick!), a jazz class, and chamber orchestra.  There was still time for a bowling night, a couple of movie nights, and, of course, what else but a concert night!  The faculty played a Mozart Quintet, Lachlan and Brad made us dance with a fiddle tune, the Alumni Quartet, Lee Sheehan, Grace Kim, Josiah Coe, and Mary Horst, played a fabulous Beethoven Op. 59 #1, then the concert ended with the first movement of the Mendelssohn Octet.  The Rome (yes, Georgia – hopefully Italy sometime) audience loved it.