Alexander Technique Classes with David Nesmith

The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend was a big one for Franklin Pond! David Nesmith from Columbus, Ohio came to Atlanta to give classes and private lessons in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping. David is an excellent teacher! He taught us all about how the body works, what we can do to avoid problems, and how to play our instruments in a more natural way. During the adult class on Sunday afternoon, everyone was very interested and responsive, most already realizing the importance of the class. However, not all students readily recognized its importance during their class (held on Monday). As a requirement of Franklin Pond Fall Into Spring, our hope is that students will use what they learn now and/or in the future. Unfortunately, too many kids ignore what currently hurts (and could later hurt) them, and they overlook tension and pain, with the thought that it is normal to hurt “until you get better.” We rely on their teachers to reinforce and insist upon good posture and balance.