2018 Chamber Music Competition Entry Form

If you experience any problems with the online application, please email Ginny Fairchild (competition@franklinpond.org), and she will contact you directly.

Do not worry about the deadline, as long as you have contacted Ginny.

Repertoire Form: Video Audition Round

Repertoire Requirements

One movement of a work from the standard chamber music literature

Chosen movement should be no longer than 15 minutes

Contact Franklin Pond (competition@franklinpond.org) with any repertoire questions by Saturday, April 1.

At the beginning of your video, please state:

  • Title of piece
  • Composer
  • Name of movement
  • Total playing time for each work in minutes/seconds

Video parameters:

All video submissions must be in the form of a YouTube link. If you prefer, the link can be private (so that only those who have the link can view it).

  • Your recording should be approximately 10 minutes in length
  • HIGH quality video: Good quality is critical for the judging process
  • One complete take with no editing or cuts
  • Video must show all members all the time
  • Picture must remain stationary without panning, fade-in/out, close-up techniques, or use of multiple cameras
  • Ensemble should fill the screen as much as possible