2016-17 Fall Into Spring Information

2017-18 information and application will be posted mid-summer

Franklin Pond offers a chamber music program during the school year for interested, serious string students in grades 4-12. This program provides professional coaching and performance opportunities for small chamber music groups. This is an exceptional opportunity to improve individual instrumental skills and to learn to work successfully in a small group while studying and enjoying the chamber music repertoire. It is flexible and easily compliments school, orchestra, and individual programs.

Application and Audition

  • Audition requirement for individuals and groups: a piece(s) of your choice that demonstrates fast and slow playing

Auditions for acceptance into the program are in person the end of September (TBA). Audition dates and times will be arranged upon receipt of applications. Pre-formed groups will be required to audition. Franklin Pond will place students in appropriate groups based on instrumentation needs, age, musical expertise, and experience. It is important to form groups that are compatible. Therefore, audition decisions are not dependent solely upon skill level. Efforts will be made to consider geography and siblings when possible. Music will go out and coaching will begin as soon as each group is formed (usually late September). The earlier we get the application forms, the earlier we can begin the process of forming groups. The final concert will be in late April or early May.

Coaching and Rehearsals

Each group formed will be assigned a coach. The group and the coach will arrange convenient coaching dates/times/venues, and the group members and parents will arrange rehearsals in between. Participation will require time and effort, as well as serious preparation. All members of each ensemble must be willing to work hard and be open to compromise. In order to be part of the Fall Into Spring program, it is critical that students and families have a very high level of commitment to the project and a flexible, cooperative mind-set, especially with regard to scheduling and rehearsal locations. The Final Concert and the two all-group studio classes will be organized by Franklin Pond.

  • This program is parent/student driven and participants must be fully committed.
  • ALL students must attend ALL rehearsals, coaching sessions, and events. The groups cannot function properly without everyone there.
  • In order to work around busy schedules, each group will make its own arrangements for the dates, times and places for coaching and rehearsal sessions.
  • All rehearsal and coaching sessions will be documented. There will be a minimum of 8 coaching sessions and 2 classes for the full year.


The Final Concert date and location will be set by Franklin Pond after auditions are completed and groups are formed. All groups will participate, each playing repertoire they have learned during the year. The performance will be advertised and open to the public.

Cost: $800 per year

Scholarships are available by merit and teacher recommendation

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