Franklin Pond Students Visit a Recording Studio

We had the pleasure of visiting Bill Allgood’s new recording studio where each group was recorded and got to listen to themselves. Quite an eye-opener! After a snack provided lovingly by Gloria (his wife and Associate Principal Bassist of the ASO), we all piled into the control room where Bill showed them some of the ins and outs of recording. It was a great opportunity for all. THANK you, Bill Allgood and Gloria. This is just one of the great opportunities Franklin Pond kids have. Join us during the year for Fall Into Spring and experience all the opportunities Franklin Pond provides!

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Masterclass with Tom Key

Tom Key, Artistic Director of Theatrical Outfit (next to the Rialto – easy parking & great shows) gave a FANTASTIC masterclass on Monday, July 2. The video below is just a snippet of some of the many things he did. Everyone learned a lot and we hope they will remember what they learned! The kids and Tom all had fun. It was the first full day Summer session and we were all pretty tired by 5:30.
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Ronda Respess featured in local newspaper!

Ronda Respess grew up in a musical family in New Jersey. Her mother was a pianist, her father a cellist. An aunt was a professional musician in Boston.
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Jun-Ching Lin Named as New Concertmaster of The Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra

Big news for Franklin Pond faculty member, Jun-Ching Lin!
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Masterclass with Danny Laufer

Danny Laufer came to give a masterclass on Thursday, July 12. It’s always great to have him here.

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A Day with the Vega Quartet

We spent the day with the Vega Quartet on Monday, July 16. We always look forward to that. Exhausting, but great.

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Summer Retreat

We are all back safe and sound and had a great time at the retreat at University of Georgia in Dahlonega. They are great partners. Day 3 and 4 brought, of course, more rehearsals and coaching, a rhythm class, a body mapping class with Dr. William Johnston and the faculty concert Saturday evening with guest cellist Hilary Glen and Bill Johnston on viola. We wound up Sunday with a delicious lunch at the Smith House. The kids made an amazing amount of progress in just a few days. They are truly a remarkable and wonderful group of young musicians.

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Chamber Music Competition Highlights

The winning high school group was the Tuna Quintet, pictured with judge Eric Byers, Ronda Respess, Lachlan McBane, Justin Bruns, and Jun-Ching Lin.

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Fall Into Spring Finale Concert

Another fabulous concert! Congratulations all!

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Drew Alexander Forde Takes His Music to Sea

Photo by Strings Magazine

Drew Alexander Forde (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) recently shared his experience of performing on a cruise ship with Strings magazine.

“As the electric, final chord of Astor Piazzolla’s “Primavera Porteña” washes over the audience at the end of our third performance of the night, the room erupts with applause. It is just another hard day’s work aboard ship. 

When people ask me why I chose to perform on a cruise ship, my first answer is ‘ ’cuz I’m broke.’ But all joking aside, a lot of stars had to align for this gig to make sense…”

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